*Sharing My HeArtwork, with Love, Momma K*

I am a facilitator, a guide, in providing a grounded, centred, calming energy, with an open heart and mind, to help anyone who feels to work with me, to open to, real-eyes, your own wHOLe.Y sense-sation-all Self more greatfully. 

We are Always growing… always transforming, one step at a time… Always children, Beings, of our Divine Nature. Our needs change as we grow. It is up to each of us to understand for our unique Self through our own trying on, experiencing, experimenting, in accessing resources, inside and out, in feeling what fits for our Being in any given moment. 

Life gives us challenges. In them, often through dis-ease, we are given opportunities to grow, to dig deep in discovering what we’re made of. We all have the response ability to heal our Self. It’s a matter of accessing the tools from within, and providing our Being with the best nourishment, environment, fertilizer, we understand to as we go, to aid in building a stronger foundation, strengthening our roots in our inherent WELLth. I feel I can help. 

My offerings include eye to eye, face to face exchange or more familiar hands on exchange, many relate to as Reiki, along with an open ear to listen to your integral journey, challenges and rewards. My work is organic, allowing the flow of possibilities for each individual. We are a team, working in co-operation. Your own guidance and participation is integral. 

I’ve learned through the development of my gifts in helping others it’s not my business or response ability to see, feel, for anyone else. Each and every one of us is sense-able for our Self. I do my best to Not give advice, only my perspective. I share my experiencing and current understandings, as I feel to; what has and hasn’t worked for me or others I’ve witnessed; for anyone I work with to receive what you feel for Your Self. We are All being schooled in the HeArt of our sense-sation-all Being, of Natures Infinite WELLth. 

Connect below if you are interested in working With me, you have more questions, or just need to have a space to share your journey, to be acknowledged. I’m located in Port Dover, ON, CA. I can come to you within a certain range. I also offer distance exchange, via a photo. I acknowledge the power of what I have to share. That said, I prefer to keep prices reasonable and variable for access to anyone with the desire to do the work for themselves, in healing, helping you to open to your inherent abundance. 

Blessings, in WELLth 

Love, Momma K

aka Kim ❤