I am offering basic HeArtlight Healing through distance, via a photograph... $33... payment by etransfer.  Contact me via 'Love, Momma K' in the menu. I can answer any questions you may have.  I'm also very open to just hearing your stories if that's all you need.  I know personally how it feels to not feel …

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On My Father Figures

It is Father's Day here in Canada today.  I wanted to share my perspectives of this day and 'the father' in light of my experiences... to share the uniqueness and the Divine gifts, not just to honour my own father figures; also to help others see the blessings in what may appear as lack.  It's …

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Welcome to Nature’s Infinite WELLth Healing HeArts Centre

This is a place where I come to share my personal stories, my life experiences, the lessons... the challenges and the joys of growing and healing... through remembering my/our connection as ONE with and of Nature, ALL Co-Creation... inside, outside, upside, down ;  I feel it is important for us to share our stories, to …

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