On Having a Dream

I wrote this quite some time ago, over a year, on the Facebook blog page I had by the same name.  It still rings true and I wanted to share. I’ve been stuck in how I thought a blog ‘should’ be, making it more complex than necessary. I like simple. Let the words speak for themselves. ❤   Since writing this one clear message I’ve received is to plant trees. 

What we put out to the Universe, to Nature, particularly when aligned, in resonance, will grow in Divine Nature’s time, in Divine Nature’s way…

I have a dream, I have an awesome dream.

“Everything that happens to me, happens for me.” This one simple understanding has saved me and serves me in so many ways, as I take the opportunities to look back at all of my life experiences thus far, and see how all the pieces of the puzzle of my life come together to where and who I am in this moment. Everything and everyone, however challenging, however small, has played a role. The challenges, or shit, which I like to call fertilizer…. and the smallest little, seemingly insignificant, encounter or overheard conversation… can, and likely will, present itself at some point down the road as an aha…’so that was what that was for.’ 😉 I have had many of these moments lately.

Today I’m feeling to share the vision I have that has been developing as small visions, endeavours, projects, wondering as they haven’t come to be in physical form yet, if I’m on the right track, or possibly not having enough faith in myself in ‘making’ or allowing them to happen. I don’t believe we can force anything though; and all, when we release attachment to it, flows with ease when we listen and heed our internal guidance, taking action only when it is Divinely aligned to do so. Otherwise we just get resistance.  

Understanding all that I have learned, gained in my life; the knowledge, the wisdom; through the experiences… through the pain and the joy; gives me a better foundation, stronger roots, to show me, provide me with the solid trunk and branches of my life’s purpose… why the I AM, through the ME… is HERE… NOW… to BE.

My journey, particularly through the challenges, has clarified what I do and don’t desire and deserve in my life. It has shown me my passions, starting from an early age. My youngest memory was wanting to dance (go-go dancer to be precise ;)), and then I wanted to be a nun… I’m not even Catholic. I went to Sunday School sometimes, as a child, at whatever church was closest. It was more for a way to get us out of the house, as my mom was in no way religious. I didn’t go to church often. I found it challenging. The hymns made me cry. I didn’ understand why then. I went to church camp with my bf a few summers and was ‘saved’. I took my kids to youth groups and VBS, volunteering, to be there alongside them, to give us a way to connect and for them to learn about God etc. They never bought it, lol.

I understand now, the calling I had as a child…. definitely not of celibacy ;). I was meant to have a family, children, and other life experiences, directly and indirectly, that would help me, and that I have gained wisdom, knowledge and compassion from to help myself and others. I continue to learn about nourishing Mind/Spirit, Body, Heart and Soul, as I gradually reconnect more authentically with Nature’s Infinite WELLth, seen and unseen… rediscovering myself and the perfection and Sacred Union of ALL our Divine Nature, within and without… healing more and more… from wounds, some buried so deep I was not consciously aware of their existence… With more to come I’m sure. 

All this and so much more, brings me to wanting to share. With all the ideas and dreams, bringing them together under one umbrella, or perhaps forest would be more fitting ;), I see what for now I will call Nature’s Infinite WELLth Healing HeARTS Centre… a place where people… children of all ages… from all walks of life… come to learn, to connect and to heal, for a few hours, a day, days, weeks or longer… A Nature school, a retreat, a place of worshiping that which is Sacred… Creation, Nature, Source, the Life Force that exists within us and all around us, that we are ALL integral parts and co-creators of…. Open to anyone from all walks of life, allowing people to contribute via volunteering, donations and pay what you can. No one will be excluded who comes with an open heart and a desire to learn and heal, themselves, others, the planet, the Universe… trusting the abundance of the All and that all is provided for. The opportunity will be available to learn about and receive healing through good, wholesome nourishment, for Mind, Body, Heart and Soul; including nature’s bountiful food, music, art, dance; sharing in joy, laughter and tears. I see it as a working, biodynamic farm. I don’t know what all this entails, but I have been meeting so many people with shared visions of honouring and healing the earth/Nature who I see as pieces of the puzzle, or actors in this part of the play, to contribute in big or small ways, to help it come together… most very close to where I’ve been guided to be. I am even seeing possible financial resources to bring it to fruition. 

Maybe I have to see the bigger vision before I can put myself out there in allowing the smaller ones to take shape first, I don’t know. Looking at the big one, the others don’t seem so daunting. Then again, maybe I had to visualize the smaller ones first and then see how they are meant to be… together… working with a team… A community… a cooperative. Always stronger together than apart. 

I understand that visions don’t necessarily turn out exactly the way they appear and I can’t be attached to the how’s, what’s, when’s, who’s and where’s. It’s about opening, surrendering, trusting, and allowing the Divine within me to show me what I need to know, and do, when I need to know it and do it. And to BE, HERE, NOW, present and aware, in gratitude where I am in each moment… not waiting for what might be… taking one step at a time, sometimes a few back… doing the Cha Cha…cha cha cha. 😉

“I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.” Frank Lloyd Wright

To add today… Looking back on what I’ve desired most in my life… It was to be a mother, have children, and my own home. I have been incredibly blessed to have all this. It was at the point my sons were becoming an age not to need me so much that my health took a climactic turn. Now through a great deal of healing I have a much grander perspective on being a mother and having a home of my own. I have had to be a mother to myself, nurture, love, my Divine Self wHOLe.Y, my inner child and my vessel, my temple, that is my home here, now.  I also see my response ability to all of Nature and its inhabitants, my family, my home, here, now, in doing my part to nurture, care for, love it as I am called to. I have had to do for my Self first, I understand, so that I am better able to serve. We need to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first.

Blessings of Nature’s Infinite WELLth 
Kim xo


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