MarchIn Like the Lion

Last night it was apparent March was coming in with a roar. We got quite the storm… a lightening show, thunder, and then the downpour. Woohoo.  It’s been milder this winter. I’m grateful it wasn’t snow.  We’ve been conditioned to believe gentle and easy, like the lamb, is preferable. Probably because it doesn’t cause discomfort.  It’s in the challenges that we grow, like a seed, an egg, or a chrysalis… opening… giving birth to oneself.

I couldn’t help but think of the symbolism of the Lion and certain cards in different tarot decks. In the traditional tarot the Strength card represents the Lion best as it is depicted most prominently, with the most significant meanings being Strength, courage, patience, control, and compassion. This beautiful card is from Zen-Master.

There’s more information here on the symbolism of the lion.

I also thought of this card as very appropriate, certainly in my life. It’s from the Osho Zen Tarot. 15 – Conditioning (Devil in traditional tarot/aka Ego)

“This card recalls an old Zen story, about a lion who was brought up by sheep and who thought he was a sheep until an old lion captured him and took him to a pond, where he showed him his own reflection. Many of us are like this lion–the image we have of ourselves comes not from our own direct experience but from the opinions of others. A “personality” imposed from the outside replaces the individuality that could have grown from within. We become just another sheep in the herd, unable to move freely, and unconscious of our own true identity.

It’s time to take a look at your own reflection in the pond, and make a move to break out of whatever you have been conditioned by others to believe about yourself. Dance, run, jog, do gibberish–whatever is needed to wake up the sleeping lion within.” ~ Osho Zen Tarot.  (You can look at this deck here…

This is my life. All the necessary experiences, the challenges, with the lessons, the changes… choosing to Be… open… allowing, surrendering, trusting… learning that it is myself I need to trust MOST of all… and having the strength, courage, to stand up for what I believe as my truth through ALL that I receive from MY Divine Source, that can ONLY come authentically from and through MY Being… Mind/Spirit, Body, HeArt and Soul, all working together as ONE, as I AM,  unto myself, wHOLe.Y.  

I am tested.  My family does not get me.  They aren’t overly comfortable with who I am, what I have to share, in particular ‘woo woo’ stuff like energy work, visions and other sensory perceptions that I am allowing to awaken. I love them. I know they love me.  I’m not going to go back to pretending to be someone I’m not, or only sharing the parts of me that feel comfortable to others. I don’t have any really close friends… no ‘my person’.  This means being on my own a great deal. I am guided to and gifted with just the right physical connections when needed. I am always connected with everyone via my heart and soul; and my unseen guides, Angels are a constant support.


Along with the challenges health wise, the time has been a gift that I have acknowledged I greatly needed… to just BE, with ME. I haven’t felt it time, shown the how’s, to ‘get to work’ in a more concrete way. I have been mastering patience and listening, among other things… including the relationship with myself… the most important relationship we have, and I would say the most challenging.  When we have no one else in front of us as a mirror we have to face whatever stories we’ve been told or told ourselves, about who we our, our self worth. We can’t look to another to be validated, or judged. It’s just us and our truth, our Source within. We’ve been conditioned to believe a great deal of things that make this so challenging… all the things we’ve been told are bad, wrong, dirty, evil about our Being, our humanness, our true Nature.  We have the opportunity to really look at who we wish to Be, when we understand we have the choice, the power… to answer what calls us, what ignites the fire, the Life Force that is within every one of us.

I have had to look beyond what the world around me believes and expects in SO many ways. I feel like my purpose greatly involves showing the opposite of any perceived religious and Spiritual dogma to be true… to turn it on its head, so to speak, lol… anything that feeds the fear and goes against the truth, of LOVE in every part of our Being, as in ALL NATURE.  I’ve been drawn to certain experiences to show me. I’m crying and laughing at the thought, although it’s in my astrological chart.  Anyone that knew the old me’s, at various stages, know how much I’ve changed.  I never really have been a follower though. I’ve never really ‘fit in’ anywhere. Whenever I’ve tried I’ve still always felt like the outsider in some way. Truth be told, when we’re being authentic none of us do ‘fit in’.  It’s more a matter of resonance, relating to life in some way on a similar level, appreciating one another for our uniqueness, what we have to share, and having the desire and will to work together in co-creating our visions.  Thinking we have to be like the sheep, following along with the herd, is the illusion.  My heart and soul, my entire Being, guides me gently away from anything that feels like I’m following the beat of anyone’s drum other than my own.


Kim ❤




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