Welcome to Nature’s Infinite WELLth Healing HeArts Centre

I am in the process of transforming this site, as I am myself, always.  It will take some time as I go through the process of maneuvering through the options, how it all works, and what it is I truly want to share here.  Thank-you for your patience.


This is a place where I come to share my personal stories, my life experiences, the lessons… the challenges and the joys of growing and healing… through remembering my/our connection as ONE with Nature and ALL Creation.
I feel it is important for us to share our stories, to better understand our Universal connection… that no matter how different we appear on the surface, at our core we are Love.  ALL is LOVE.  When we open our hearts to sharing we discover so much… that we are not alone, ever… that we hide things we have been taught to feel shame and guilt for… parts of our Being that are essential to Being… through ignorance/lack of understanding, dogma, ideology, passed down from generation to generation.  It is in opening and sharing that we can begin to allow healing.
My journey has been one of remembering who I Am, here to Be, Now… to Love and trust myself, my inner knowing, my true Source, and to emanate this love outward.  In loving myself as I would any child, Being of Nature, I do so with Compassion, without conditions, as Love is not defined by any conditions whatsoever.  I do so to the best of my ability in each moment, as I believe we all do with what we have been given.  I take my response ability to HeArt, Mind, Body and Soul, in Being the Change I wish to see, in caring for, loving myself wHOLe.Y… and All Beings of Nature…  through taking steps, however small, however slow, toward WELLth… with the gifts that Nature’s Infinite WELLth provides.
Thank-you for joining me on my journey


Kim ❤


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