On Facing Our BEing

I have had more health challenges this last few years; one aspect appearing most visibly… for me to face… literally. I have a great deal to share, of what I’ve been learning in this part of the process through my journey of healing and growing… getting stronger everyday!  I have been sharing some through my personal FB page and the page I have by the same name. First, though, my HeArt guides me to share in a different way, outside of any perceived boxes. I LOVE it! I am consciously opening to doing things in a whole new way, the more nonconformist the better.  

I realize there is a great potential here for healing, for you, for me, for all of us as a collective… To work TOGETHER. We are ONE. We are all CONNECTED. When we open to healing, to allowing ourselves to be challenged, to FACE our demons, our shadows, we open to WELLth, of Mind, Body, Soul, Heart. It is not just for us. It is for everyone… It is for our children, our children’s children, and the children that exist ALWAYS within our own BEing.

For anyone who has been brought to this page consider that it is not by chance. We have a choice in each moment, all-ways, to respond or react to what we are presented with and how it makes us FEEL. We can put these feelings away in the moment and come back another time. In Nature nothing is rushed or forced. ALL is in Divine, Perfect Time.

In THIS moment I am offering the opportunity for you to listen to your HeArt, for you to consider the thoughts and feelings we most often don’t want to look at, that we have been led to believe don’t serve us, can’t be pushed aside, down, forever… that they need and deserve to be acknowledge, heard, honoured, learned from, so that we can grow in our BEing. They will surface eventually (sure to face, and serve us <3). We only have room for so much shit, baggage… everyone is unique and it varies. We have the option to make a choice in allowing to move with it, go with the flow, and having a little more control of the hows… or waiting for the volcano to erupt.

What I am putting forth for you today… It is always today, NOW, so if and whenever you choose… is to look at this photograph of me and take note of what thoughts and feelings arise for YOU. Does it trigger you?  What do you feel in your physical body, your mind body, your heart body, your soul body? Take note of your very first response or reaction as best you can. Nothing is invalid. Honour it all. Take your own time for this and any other step… any other thoughts, feelings that arise. You can feel deeper into it if and when YOU choose, for as much as you are ready, willing and able to receive from it. 

This requires a great deal of honesty; a great deal of openness, opening your heart, allowing vulnerability. You may feel something that you believe to be wrong or bad. There is no wrong or bad and you don’t have to share it with anyone else. It is yours. Trust that you are safe and held. Imagine your mother, parent, anyone, any BEing, Angels, whatever feels best, wrapping their arms, their wings, their BEing, around you, like a womb, embracing you wholly/holy, comforting you. If you feel challenged, pain even, this is good.  Do your best to see it as fertilizer for your growth. Only do as much as you feel you can allow at a time. It’s all about taking the steps, whether its’s just your baby toe sometimes. Just allow the peeling of the layers, one layer at a time and honour each moment for what it is, precious to your BEing. Here. Now. YOU ARE WORTHY AS A SACRED, DIVINE BEING OF CREATION, AS EVERY BEING, EVERY-THING, SEEN AND UNSEEN, IS. Allow the feelings, the emotions to rise and be expressed… constructively… with LOVE FOR YOURSELF. Scream, cry, laugh, sing, dance, move your body to help shift the energy you have been carrying for so long that holds you back from your truth, from your HeArt. Allow the space to do this in and it will BE. It will be worth it in the long run, I promise. Just FEEL. We are FEELING BEings, Conscious Beings, as I Believe ALL BEings of Creation are, ALL FORMS, ALL ENERGY, ALL LOVE. We have forgotten. 

I recommend journaling, writing your thoughts and feelings down. Again, this is only for you… No one else judging you, only you if you choose to. If this is where you are in the process then just let it BE. Let it serve how it needs to serve until you understand differently. I can guarantee we ALL have challenges. There is no set ideal of perfection here or anywhere. We are All perfect in our BEing.  

If you need someone to open up to, to share, and you don’t have anyone you feel you can confide in then, by all means, I am here to listen, to hold space for you, answer questions. If, and only if, you would like me to share my perspective in return, you just have to ask. If you are feeling challenged you can also look into my eyes and find comfort and healing there.  

I also recommend, and feel it of great necessity, to connect with NATURE in some way. CONNECT … To the Earth… Skin to skin, body to body. Hug trees, play in leaves, snow (wearing natural fabrics as much as possible), Water, even in the shower/tub. Walk barefoot, Be in or near Water when you can. BREATHE the Air, BASK in the Sun and Moon’s Light.  PLAY.  Eat, Nourish your Self, Wholly, Naturally… Love Your Self. FEEL THE LOVE that YOU ARE. You ARE BELOVED.   


We all have a response-ability to do what we need to for our Selves, to BE the change we wish to see. It’s the only way. 

There is only room for loving exchange here. I trust in my gifts and that I am Divinely held and safe.   
I do not charge anything for this particular HeArtwork.  I feel no one should have to pay to feel heard. If anyone wishes to make a small offering it will be received graciously and great.fully and will go to building my dream of helping us all heal, through Nature’s Infinite WELLth. You can message me privately via heartlighthealingangel12@hotmail.com.




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