On Heartlight Healing

As I heal, my gifts to share and help others heal grow and evolve. This is a poem in progress, to express the HeArt of my BEing, in service. Healing through our HeArts, building strong foundations for WELLth. ❤


My eyes are windows to thy Mind, Body, Soul

My hands, doorways to thy Heart

My ears, open rooms to thy Songs

Painting the walls with thy Art


Come sit with me for awhile

And share a dance or two

Let us savour what Nature has nourished us with

That thy garden delightfully grew


Breathe and BE, in authenticity

As ONE with the Earth and the Sky

Cleansed by the Rivers and Oceans

Purified by the Fire inside


Walk softly barefoot on the soil

Feel thy Sacred Nature rise up

Being as ONE with ALL Divine Nature

United in filling thy cup


Don’t forget to take some paper and pen

And allow precious time to write

The magical stories of lifetimes

That remind thee of thy HeArtlight

For it is here, in the stories we share

Of the trials and joys of our BEing

That we can see we are ALL LOVE inside

And ALL is Perfect for the Be-living. 

Kim ❤



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