WELLthy Lifestyle SOULutions

In these challenging, energetically shifting times, so many of us can feel overwhelmed. There are so many things we can do to help OUR SELF, OUR Being.  In doing so we also help the people we love, the planet and the Universe/Cosmos. I call these ‘WELLthy Lifestyle SOULutions’ in a nutshell; for connecting to and Being in WELLth; Mind/Spirit, Body, Heart, Soul. They have developed over several years of studying wholistic health and working with healing facilitators, Teachers, Mentors, on my journey to rediscovering my inherent WELLth.  This as we all are, is in the process of expansion.  Take as much as feels true in whatever way, at whatever speed works for you. Our journeys are all unique. There’s no race, no right or wrong way. We have our own personal experiences, necessary to learn and grow, to discern and make choices from the feelings we are given and what we prefer and desire in each moment.

1) Connect with Earth, Nature, Creation. Get outside and get barefoot, naked if possible… even better at night.  Being near or in water is even more grounding. Feel blessings of gratitude for all help in recycling this energy we are releasing and the beautiful, healing energy given in return. Hug trees… they want to share the energy. It feels incredible when we tap into and acknowledge this. It is important as sentient beings here to BE Hu-Man; to connect, ground and BE in our bodies… to BE in awareness of all that is, within and outside of us. So many of us are not.  By incorporating these guidelines into our lives we will BE… FEEL… more connected.  If we can’t be outside we can still consciously connect in gratitude through our thoughts, our minds, our intentions, our hearts.  

2) Drink plenty of water. Work up gradually to getting up to 3 litres of pure, clean water daily. Some days I feel like I need more, sometimes less.  Listen to what your body is asking for. Dehydration can appear as hunger.  Drink before meals… at least 20 minutes, or an hour after, for optimal digestion. Fluids before meals help activate digestive juices. Fluids during meals interfere with digestion.   Avoid juices, even pure fruit juice.  Add lemon or other fruit (infusion) or a small amount of Pure fruit juice, for flavour if desired, and drink herbal teas.  Sweeten with a little pure honey if needed.  We are mostly comprised of water.  Pure, fresh, spring fed water is the ideal if you have access.  Some options I am aware of at this time are carbon/block carbon filtered, Reverse Osmosis, and Ultra-violet light.  There are other systems with high prices. Research. I have been blessed to have access to  a full house block carbon system with RO drinking water system via monthly payments. I live where the water is treated, containing chlorine, fluoride and other chemicals.  If you’ve heard of structured water and its benefits you do not have to invest in any system.  We all have the inherent ability to set the intention, the vibration of LOVE, in healing… our water… anything, everything.

3) Salt… Real Salt (trade name) or Himalayan Sea Salt is good for us. It is purifying, balanced in minerals and helps balance electrolytes, among other benefits. Do your own research and due diligence… there is information to back this up. I add it to my water as it is demineralized. I do not eat processed foods with added salt so I appear to use a lot. Just listening to my body. 

4) Move… walk, run, dance, anything to help shift the energy that has built up in our lifetimes and day to day.  Even cleaning the house can work.  Put the music on and move. We are made to move.  Move in ways YOU enjoy.  Forcing ourselves to do something because we feel we have to is not going to be productive.  It is good to try new things.  We may just enjoy something we never thought we would.

5) Meditate in any fashion that suits YOU, mindfully connecting to our Nature within… however you prefer…  It is about connecting to our Divine Source, the Force that exists within all of us.  It is about listening to our BEing, our inner knowing.

My methods are varied, from walking to writing, drawing, dancing, drumming, sitting, laying, guided or unguided, silent or with gentle music. Writing/journaling has been a huge part of my healing process.  By releasing thoughts onto paper I have found a great deal of clarity.

6) Food … real, chemical free, whole food… more raw and sprouts… our Creation, Co-Creators’, Nature’s, life giving food. Eat enough healthy fats and quality sources of protein. Sugar/processed ‘foods’, added chemicals, too much meat, animal products etc… especially factory farmed… keep our vibration lower, therefore we are more controllable… less able to think for ourselves, and less able to ground and connect authentically to our authentic self and our infinite potential.  Eat more consciously.  BE, in gratitude, for what has been provided from Creation, Nature.  Small changes/steps are the best. Any kind of change has a detoxifying effect on our minds and bodies. Easing through changes can help us ease through symptoms more gently.  A name given to this is Herxeimer reaction.  We can experience return of old symptoms as we return to our authentic WELLthy selves.  They are resurfacing to be released, transmuted.  This is where it is very helpful, essential really, to connect to Nature, in helping transmute and recycle the energy.

7) Environment-as important as food… what we feed and nurture ourselves through our surroundings.  It behooves us to remove toxic chemicals and toxic relationships from our lives as much as possible.  Anything we put on our skin or that we breathe in is not much different than eating it. What we listen to, read, watch, speak and think makes a huge difference… food for the mind… as well as the people we choose to spend our precious time with.  Wear natural fabrics (organic if possible) that breathe and help connect authentically, consciously, with Nature’s healing power.

8) Love your Self… treat yourself as if you were your child. We are all children of Creation, Nature, of Love. Our bodies are our temples, our homes at this time… treat them as such. I recommend doing mirroring… looking at yourself 15 minutes a day at least, asking what your child self wants/needs, and listen. Tell her/him how much you love them and how worthy they are of love and attention, from YOU.

We are here to BE… human.  This requires our ego.  We can listen to it, understand it and not allow it to control us… work with it, rather than fighting it.  Life/BEing is more about honouring ALL aspects of our SELF… the I AM that must come through the ME to BE. HERE. NOW.  To BE present is our greatest gift, to see within and without the MAGIC of Creation as Co-Creators.

9) Connect with like-minded people. There is power in numbers. Realize your own power and that everything/everyone is equally powerful, and multiplied when we combine our similar intentions, and individual gifts… of healing ourselves, others, the earth… the Universe… the Cosmos.

10) Release attachments to what isn’t serving you… stuff, relationships, you name it.  By holding on we do not allow the new, more soul fulfilling opportunities, relationships to come in. Simplify. Get organized. Knowing what you have and where it is leaves room for more good things. Be selective. Be aware of basic needs and that they are being met.  Stress is not having our basic needs met. Key to setting a good foundation, being rooted and feeling secure, requires taking stock of the balancing act of giving and receiving via energy, which includes money at this time… Keep track… there’s many simple ways to access via the technology we have today.

Awareness and mindfulness go a long way to setting a strong foundation and supporting growth. Add to that the understanding that we are infinitely abundant creatures/co-creators of our Universe and allow the receiving of such abundance, in any form, not particularly monetary.  Money is not bad or evil per se… it is the energy that we give to it, that it is the be all and end all to happiness.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  People are either in Peace, in Love, with or without.  Money doesn’t change this. It is only one aspect of the exchange of energy.

11) Get creative in whatever you enjoy; from decorating to gardening to any form of art.  Get some crayons and paper and just scribble for your two year old self. It is a great way to channel and release energy that isn’t serving us.  Life is art. YOU are a work of HeART.

12) Intimacy (in-to-me-see) is very important, with yourself and others, in various ways, depending on the relationship, ie. love partner, friend, family member and even people we work with and connect with in the most seemingly small way. When we are aware ALL connections can have a level of intimacy.  We are all truly connected… ONE with Divine Source.

Our sexuality can be one aspect of intimacy, whether with ourselves or a partner, and ultimately with Divine Creation, Source…the ALL/Nature.  It is one of the most important parts of what makes us HU-man BEings, Co-creators of our reality… We are sexual BEings and the shame and guilt need to be transmuted.  Without it we simply would not BE.  Being aware of the exchange of sexual energy/shakti and channeling it via tantra, kundalini, ankhing and any other forms I’m not aware of, honours and facilitates the authentic connection with our True Nature, providing infinite healing.  In the most basic of explanations it is consciously raising the energy with the breath, with or without exterior stimulation or coition/intercourse, allowing the Life Force Energy that WE ALL ARE to emanate through our entire BEing and the entire Universal BEing.  Understand that we share our energy, our cellular DNA with sexual partners and anyone they or you have been with, and so on.   We all have freedom of choice. Just BE  Conscious and Aware.

Touch itself is a necessity of life.  Hug often, get a pet, don’t be afraid to hold someone’s hand; let go of what others believe is right or wrong.  I recommend getting regular massages if needed.

13) LAUGH… In JOY LIFE! Stop sweating the small stuff. Let’s JUST BE… OUR BE-YOU-T’FULLY, UNIQUE SELVES… in LOVE. WE are BELOVED. Let’s remove judgement and expectations of ourselves and others.  Just do the best you can in each moment. We all have challenges… Again… this is LIFE.

14) BREATHE…. mindfully/consciously. We cannot live without breathing. Acknowledge the gift of fresh air AND sunshine. Sun gaze and sunbathe mindfully. Let the light in! Start by taking those sunglasses off!!  Ease into it and remember to consciously connect to Nature, the Earth, our Co-Creator/Creation and the MAGIC healing energy. Remember that WE ARE ALL LIGHT… WE ARE STARS, MAGICALLY EMBODIED…  SHINE!

15) Do what you love whether it be as a profession or hobby. Hobbies can turn into professions.  Don’t limit yourself to one thing, and don’t scatter yourself too thin either. Prioritize what feels most aligned in your heart and soul. If you feel guided in a new direction trust that the experiences you’ve gained are not wasted.

16) Don’t rush… slow and steady wins the race.  We don’t need to force or push. This causes resistance. Nature takes its’ own time.  If things aren’t flowing there’s a reason… something more aligned with your energy.   BE. HERE. NOW.  There is only NOW.

17) Allow your SELF the time, space and energy to heal. This is something you may need help with, at least initially.  Set the intention for the best person/people to be be presented to you, that resonate with you, who have done and continue to do their own work… who understand the connection of mind, body, heart, soul; honouring our Selves, our entire Being, wHOLe.Y, One with All of Nature …who will guide you in going deep to shift the energy towards our truth, our authentic Nature… to guide in alchemizing the shadow self, the darkness… to see the beauty and Love existing in ALL PARTS OF OUR BEING… All integral for us to Be who we are. 

18) Reduce or remove drugs and alcohol consumption as much as possible, as these also prevent an authentic connection with our true Source within…. masking  what needs attention to heal.

19) Don’t take anything personally… again, this takes awareness and patience, allowing yourself to shift perspectives with as much grace as possible in each moment.  Be mindful of whether you are projecting your thoughts, feelings, opinions on to others.  Set boundaries for yourself and with others.  No one can take anything from you unless you allow it, consciously or subconsciously.  Understand your power lies within you, in your heart. It is your truth, it is LOVE.

20) Listen, Listen, Listen!!!!… To your own heart… the truth that can only come from within you, where our True Source resides.  We are All love, every bit.  Learn how to feel it and connect it with your mind, so that your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are in alignment, in integrity.  Magic exists in us and around us and we have the ability to receive an infinite and abundant supply of what we need (not necessarily what we want, depending on whether it serves us all for the Greater Good). We just need to TRUST and ALLOW it, by understanding WE ARE WORTHY!!! WE ARE ALL DIVINE, PERFECT, Beings of Creation, Nature itself. There are NO mistakes, no imperfections. We are ALL a unique, integral part of the whole, as co-created with Nature, the Universe. We are the co-creators of our lives.  Truly take the time to appreciate all of nature… seen and unseen. There are messages everywhere, from the peskiest of insects, to the most seemingly random thought.

“I am you; you are me; we are ONE; All is WELL.”  We are WELLthy. WE are, ALL IS, MAGIC. BE.LIVE IT AND YOU WILL SEE IT. 

Kim ❤️


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