Still Listening <3

Ah this journey…my journey…different, unique from anyone elses.  I am doing a lot of make-up tests I missed along the way.  For many reasons, I feel I missed out on so many lessons/steps that the stages of childhood to adulthood have to offer, and are truly necessary for our growth, our evolution.  I hold no resentment; I realize this is exactly the way things were meant to be for me.  I have come to a great deal of peace in understanding this; feeling it deeply within my heart.  I feel the wisdom I have gained through life experience has made it easier, in some ways, in this stage of my life, so I can learn and move forward now, at a quicker pace.  It’s by no means a race, but it does feel like I’m shifting…expanding…at a much higher rate of speed this last while; all relatively gentle, and feeling completely held by the Universe.

There have been SO many times when it just feels like too much, to be completely honest, when I wish I could just dig a hole…not to be completely buried in, so much, but more like an ostrich, wanting to escape from this ‘reality’ I’ve agreed to be a part of.  I have just felt like going HOME.  But I always get up, wipe the tears, soon able to see the beauty in ALL of it, with gratitude.  I keep going, one step at a time. In doing so, I am constantly given gifts that the Divine/Universe/Source/God; Mother and Father show me, as a part of the WHOLE; that I understand are available to me, to all of us; infinitely and abundantly.

I am learning to love myself, all of me, as an integral part of Creation, as we ALL are.  By judging myself, or anyone, I am judging our Creator…as if HE/SHE could make a mistake.  I am learning to see myself as Divinely perfect, just as I am in this moment, but always growing and learning, to be the perfect me in the next…just like everything else in nature that grows, transforms, is always changing. I see by honouring myself, I am honouring God.

To do this work, I have learned, my heart must stay open.  Closing off my heart only leads to more pain.  It’s like trying to damn an already overflowing, rushing body of water.  It’s only going to back-up and cause a lot of unnecessary damage in its wake.  I listen to and follow the guidance being shown to me in so many amazing ways; the more I learn to take the time to tap into what my heart and Soul is asking, the easier and quicker I see the magical results.  I have reached a particularly magical time, where I see all the effort I’ve allowed for mySELF to heal, so far, beginning to bear some of the abundant fruits of my labour. In such a Divine way, I have the opportunity to share so much of what I love, am passionate about, with others, so that it may help them on their journey.  This has been my goal, from deep within my Soul, for a very long time; way before I was conscious of it.  Because of the work I’ve done and the knowledge and wisdom I’ve gained, I feel like I am so much more prepared to follow through, feeling and seeing the Divine support all around me, that is mine for the receiving.

I am so looking forward to sharing more with you soon, as my work, my life, evolves and grows.

Infinite heartlight love and blessings,

Kim ❤

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