My Sister <3

August 1st, 2014 marks my third move in a row, on the very same day…11 and 18 years ago. It also marks the 5th Anniversary of my sister, Janet Lynn Bergman’s transition from this life. ❤ Needless to say this is difficult for me to share, but it is time. I really need to buy stock in the tissue companies.

My sister was a beautiful human being, who really only knew and wanted love. She led most of her life feeling a huge lack in this area. She was my half sister; we had different mothers, and her mother wasn't able to care for her as she suffered from mental health issues. My mother, who was quite young when I was born, raised her until my parents split up. We moved in with my maternal grandmother. Needless to say, Janet did not feel like she fit in. She never really felt like she fit in anywhere, as hard as she tried.

I believe my sister was 16 when she first attempted to end her life. At the age of 24 she gave birth to a beautiful son. Her life changed. She had someone to shower all her love on and give him everything she felt she had never had. She chose to raise him on her own and devoted her whole life to him. She once told me that she didn't care how long she lived beyond the age when her son no longer needed her.

Well, that time came, she thought. She had cut me and many people, including our father, out of her life. She had a few close friends and family members in her life, for which I am truly grateful. But unfortunately no one could help her. I feel blessed that there was a short time in her life that we shared a special bond.

Janet showed her nurturing, loving soul with her love for nature… she loved animals, particularly penguins and dolphins and her cats. She worked for the Parks Board, planting and maintaining the gorgeous gardens in our city, until she had her son. I went and sat in one nearby the other day to enjoy the beauty and essence of my sister. I literally felt her in my heart one day when I visited there with a dear friend. She also did her very best to feed her family the best way she knew how…she planted the seed for me in more than one of my passions.

I am blessed in the belief that this is but only a part of our life, on this earth. I believe she lives on, as we all do when we pass. It is just part of the journey….the lessons, of our soul. I know, because I feel her <3.

I have learned so much since her passing. I have had my own health issues and have searched for answers through alternative, natural, and holistic methods. Sadly I didn't know these when they might have been able to help her, but I know she left us when it was her time. I do want to share what I have learned though, so that others may be helped. This is my purpose.

To anyone suffering or who is able to offer guidance to someone suffering from mental illness there are so many options for healing….Food, for me, would be the most important….natural, with a good balance of healthy fats, vegetables and fruit and protein; homeopathics can be lifesaving, properly chosen by a qualified practitioner…there is no danger taking them and they are inexpensive; Truehope or a Naturopathic doctor can prescribe supplements where needed; many modalities of healing, some of which include Reiki/healing energy, healing dance, music, art, photography, nature, grounding/earthing, yoga, tai chi, exercise, to name just a few. The key really is to find your passion…it doesn't have to be just one thing.

I know Janet's light continues to shine, especially in the hearts of those who were fortunate to have known her. Thank-you for the opportunity to share her light with you. Namaste ❤


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