On Life

Nine years ago, February 2 (2005) my life changed forever.  I began an incredible new journey of discovery….although it certainly didn’t feel like it at the time. I could not have imagined where it would take me.  I just knew that I wanted to live; I wanted health; and I wanted to learn anything I could/do anything I could, within my power, to be well.  I didn’t want to live a life of ill health if I could help it.  Somewhere deep inside of me I must have known there was more….More than modern medicine; options/ways of healing that I just needed to learn about and apply.

I did not know what was happening to me.  It was a Wednesday evening.  I was sitting on the couch making plans for a baby shower for my cousins first child, due any day.  I was watching ‘Ghost Whisperer’.  Suddenly I felt this numbness and tingling….I don’t recall any pain…down my left side, from the top of my head, down my arm, into my fingers.  I was scared.  You see the ads on t.v. for warning signs of a stroke and I thought I might be having one.

To make a long story shorter, I didn’t have a stroke, which took an MRI to confirm.  No one knew what was happening to me.  They ran all the tests they could think of.  The numbness has never completely gone away, but is barely noticeable now.  The other effect of this attack though is what has led me on this quest.  My digestion seemed to almost completely shut down.  I wasn’t able to eat very much. And for awhile I moved incredibly slowly and didn’t have much strength.  I hadn’t ever had to depend on my family to help me carry groceries in and do things around the house before.  Fortunately I was slightly overweight because I lost 40lbs over the next year or so.

About a month earlier I had noticed some numbness in my lower left leg and foot, while using a loofah I’d received for Christmas.  I thought it was strange and figured I’d mention it to my doctor when I went for my physical.  I can’t remember how long it was after all this that it dawned on me that I had had a flu shot (the one and only) just around a month before noticing the initial numbness and 2 months before the ‘attack’.  I mentioned this to the neurologist, forgetting about the initial numbness and he said symptoms of flu shots show up within a month.

I don’t believe the flu shot was the ONLY factor in my dis-ease.  Many things can be taken into account, including general health, diet, other toxic exposure, including a few mercury fillings that had fallen out and I’d likely swallowed parts of. But I believe it was the straw that broke the camels back, so to speak.

Why did I have a flu shot, you are probably asking? I didn’t believe in them, although I’d never done research to say exactly why…just a feeling.  They didn’t make sense to me.

My grandmother had broken her leg severely and had to go into a home because she had to stay immobile for several months.  I was concerned that if the flu broke out I wouldn’t be allowed to see her without one.  She was more of a mother to me and not being able to see her was not an option if I could do something about it.

Do I regret having the flu shot? No. Why not?  It’s simple.  I believe everything happens for a reason.  I would not be the person I have grown to become, so far.  I would not have learned everything that I have and I would not be helping the people I am meant to help, in whatever small way, if  I had not gone through this experience.

Although I know I have much to accomplish, and my journey is really only just beginning, I have come a long way.  I continue to improve everyday.

I think the biggest secret I’ve learned is that our body has the innate ability to heal itself.  With the right tools, balancing Mind, Body and Spirit, anything and everything is possible.

With Love ❤




11 thoughts on “On Life

  1. Kelly Toffner

    Thanks for sharing Kim 🙂 Love the play on words in your blog name (I love words, only a nerd like I would notice that!!). Can’t wait to learn more about you!

  2. awesome! so my FIRST favorite thing was WELLTH 🙂 I’ve never seen that! My next favorite thing… talking about flu shots and vaccines… what is really hard for me is that I want to know the truth of things… and while I have never personally had any problems that i know about from any shot or vaccine (also haven’t been to a western dr in over 10 years because of their inability to help me… ha ha) I am ALWAYS trying to figure out what the TRUTH is with shots/vaccinations. I was looking at comments about vaccinations last night trying to sort the truth from propaganda! This just goes into my files of facts! Thank you! I look forward to hearing more of your journey!! thank you for posting in the room!!!

    1. Thank-you so much Louise for taking the time to read it. It’s definitely been a challenge…but it’s all been worth it. One day at a time 😀

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey of discovery. I do believe we all have that point in our lives when something happens that brings us the awareness of who we are, why we are here and what we can do in this lifetime. I myself went through a big healing point, this was myself discovery. It was a difficult time to go through, but very rewarding. Cheers to you and where you are at now 🙂

  4. Lisa Salisbury

    Thanks for sharing, I do believe we all reach a point in time where we step into our place on our journey. I know that through much inner healing stemming back from childhood that I have found my place on my own and it feels wonderful. Cheers to you and where you are at on yours!

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