If you wish to connect with me or understand more of what I share, in helping facilitate healing, please click on *Sharing My HeArtwork, with Love, Momma K* in the menu. Thank-you for coming here. Blessings for a BeYOUtFull Life, with Nature's Infinite WELLth... inside, outside, upside, down... All wHOLe.Y Sense-sation-all. All Perfect in Its …

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In my most recent sorting and purging I came back to sorting photographs. I'd done a lot some time ago, getting rid of so many, taken the old fashioned way and saved over the years. I got tough and got rid of many that were not clear, duplicates that no one else I know presently …

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The Evolution of Beauty and Perfection Through My Eyes

I don't remember thinking anything about looks until a camping trip when I was 6 or 7. I remember sitting in a folding chair outside, staring in a mirror for what seemed like forever. I can almost put myself back there it's so vivid in my memory. I don't remember my thoughts... just staring, studying …

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